Exclusive uPVC Door Patterns

Windoorkcrafts is a market leader in uPVC profiles in India which provides customized solutions in windows and doors that are specially designed to suit the harsh climatic and environmental conditions anywhere in India.

Windoorkcrafts is certified and operates an Integrated Management System (IMS), covering ISO9001 and OHSAS180001 standards which ensures international standards in design, manufacturing, supply and service. Windoorkcrafts strives hard to deliver top quality, style, elegance and innovation and is committed to meet the expectations of customers. Windoorkcrafts boasts of dedicated professionals, state-of-the-art technology and maintains a perfect equilibrium between energy efficiency and an easy living.

Casement Doors

Casement doors looks exquisite in modern homes.Theyare simple to open and near. Instead ofsliding, this casement style is settled to a wrenchfor driving open and near down mechanism..The outside hinge empowers the total floor to ceilingventilation.you’ll discover that our doorsare virtually maintenance-free, meaning you'll appreciatethem with little fuss for a long time to come.

Windoorkcrafts Single or Twofold Casement doors areappropriate for opening-in andopening-out mode. Casement doors are accessible in62 mm or 112 mm profile depth and can befabricated as stand-alone things or part of a screenjoining fan lights and/or side lights.

  • Modern cutting edge soft line appearance.
  • 10 mm sash overlap for upgraded performance.
  • Inside glazing alternatives from 4 mm single to 36 mm double.
  • Choice of various multi-point locking devices counting full perimeter locking
  • Threshold-less or Aluminum low threshold
  • Choice of hinge types counting concealed (invisible) hinges

Moreover making a difference you are feeling additional secure with security highlights like multipoint locking, greatly solid hinges and toughened/laminated security glasses to assist keep you and your family additional safe.

Lift & Sliding Doors

The uPVC lift and slide doors offer the idealize mix of frame and function. They are designed to oblige large openings, making expansive glass walls with unusual large panels. In order to antiquate sliding doors that move along a foot track evenly, lift and slide doors highlight a diverse opening feature that makes strides ease of use, security and energy-efficiency. By pivoting the handle 180° the door completely lifts off its seals.

  • Easy dealing with due to flawlessly aligned system technology.
  • Twofold compression seals secure against draft, tidy & water
  • Inside coating choices from 4 mm single to 36 mm triple.
  • Heavy duty tandem rollers for smooth operation.
  • Secure hardware fitting into steel fortifications as standard.
  • Vitality sparing due to great thermal property.

Fold & Sliding Doors

Folding door technology is sophisticated and reliable while providing a smart yet attractive look to offer liberal and barrier free access to terraces, conservatories, conference rooms. The door framework is designed utilizing tall quality uPVC Window, door profiles, superior pivot, and locking systems that are solid and secure. The rollers, along which the doors slide, offer a smooth glide and dependable execution with solid design and expert engineering.

  • Modern cutting edge soft line appearance.
  • 10 mm sash overlap for upgraded performance.
  • Inside glazing alternatives from 4 mm single to 36 mm double.
  • Multi-point edge locking devices as standard
  • Heavy duty tandem rollers for smooth operation
  • Secure hardware fitting into steel fortifications as standard

Tilt N Slide Doors

Windoorkcrafts Tilt N Slide Doors offer the ultimate in protection for your home. The European concept of tilting and sliding the door sash allows the provision of a dual compression seal and provides the maximum ventilation and glass area. The dual compression seal gives excellent insulation from sound and dust alike.

  • Contemporary modern soft line profile appearance.
  • Double Compression seals protect against draught, dust & water
  • 10 mm sash overlap for enhanced performance
  • Internal glazing options from 4 mm single to 36 mm triple
  • Multi-point perimeter locking and heavy duty tandem rollers as standard
  • Secure hardware fitting into steel reinforcements as standard

Low Threshold Doors

ENKRAFT’s low threshold uPVC doors for all sorts of properties are a mix of development and tender care for our security at home. Suitable for single or twofold door options, Low threshold doors makes it suitable for use where improved access is required and space restrictions make a sliding door the only practical solution. The threshold not only ensures that the step for everyone is as small as possible; it also cares for the disabled, elderly and persons moving on wheelchairs and children being pushed inpushchairs, those who use walking aids and for mobility scooters.

Twin sash / Casement door with mesh

Twin sash door provides the best possible combination of combining the traditional casement windows with traditional inward opening fly screen in a single panel. For today's requirement, the ultimate TwinSash door comprises an external mosquito screen with a high performance double glazing unit incorporating blinds.

  • 152 mm outer frame depth with 56 mm accessible space between sashes
  • 10 mm sash overlap for enhanced performance
  • Inner glazing alternative from 4 mm single to 36 mm double
  • Possibility to combine mosquito screen, board, louvers and glass inside one unit
  • Choice of locking devices and hinges types including concealed (invisible) hinges
  • Threshold-less

Heavy Duty Patio

Modern frame apertures are getting bigger and the demand for more glass and less vertical divisions by frame members is increasing. EN Heavy Duty Patio Doors can comply with those new challenges with its 2- pane version that can be manufactured up to 5.8 meters wide and up to 3.0 meters tall, accepting a maximum sash weight of 300 kg. The overall outer frame depth of 142 mm housing two 62 mm deep sashes is perfectly suited for modern straight through apertures. The effortless operation of the heavy sashes achieved by using tandem rollers with a high weight carrying capacity, Windoorkcrafts's solid Aluminum threshold construction and a good gripping D-handle, anchored into the concealed sash steel.

  • Available options 2-track (142 mm depth), 3-track (222 mm depth) and 4-track (302 mm)
  • Unique Aluminum low threshold option for 2-track, 3-track and 4-track
  • Internal glazing option from 4 mm single to 36 mm double
  • Aluminum interlock for added rigidity equipped with double seal
  • Heavy-duty tandem roller and multi-point lock as standard
  • Optional mosquito screen and/or centre-pane/4-panel adapter


The ENFOLD System is designed to convert standard welded windows & doors into sliding/folding/swing systems. ENFOLD is a unique alternative for ‘concertina’, ‘fold & slide’ or ‘bi‐fold’ windows & doors which are based on movement of individual panels.

It can be manufactured with invisible hinges showing only 1 or 2 handles (depending on style), also it can be manufactured alternatively with face mounted, and fully adjustable 3D hinges. ENFOLD sliding panels are bottom loaded and will ‘NOT’ drop like conventional ‘fold & slide’ systems resulting in trouble free installations.


Windoorkcrafts French Doors, also known as double doors or double windows, are a pair of glass doors usually opening from the back of a house into its garden or onto its balcony. This concept of opening both sashes fully without seeing a centre obstruction has influenced French architecture since the 17th century.Cutting edge fenestration received the uniqueness of French doors and French windows, primarily updating the plan for high performance glazing and sophisticated locking devices whilst retaining the original character.

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