About AluK

AluK is a market leader in the design and manufacture of aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling systems, with over 60 years’ experience supplying high quality architectural building products with operations across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. AluK place an important emphasis on producing high quality aluminium products of exceptional design and quality, and it’s precisely for this reason that we chose them as our aluminium vendor

Why specify AluK aluminium products?

In choosing AluK as our vendor, we chose a reliable systems company that delivers quality and innovation with every single profile – so we can offer the same, and more, to you.

Their extensive range of high quality profile systems, as well as their reputation as a reliable and trusted supplier, meant that a partnership between The Window Outlet and AluK was not only desirable, but also logical.

Benefits of AluK aluminium

Here are some benefits of Aluk Aluminium

  • All products made of inherently strong, lightweight and sustainable aluminium
  • Available in a range of standard colours and any RAL colour
  • Single and dual aspect colour options, also available
  • Unique profile design to ensure exceptional performance and aesthetics
  • Versatile and adaptable design able to accommodate a range of glazing systems

AluK products

Folding Doors:

Versatile and flexible the market leading BSF70 aluminum folding door system is available in wide range of configurations to create the look you desire.Multiple doors can be combined with open-in or open-out options, in a variety of styles to create a wide expanse of opening. The narrow profile ensures that maximum glazing is achieved, flooding rooms with light.

The Aluk 45V is a non-insulated folding door system which provides an elegant and innovative application choice for balcony-doors, eliminating the separation between the internal and external environment, and offering a wide opening.The 45V folding door/window system is perfectly suitable for all types of construction. It gives the possibilities to protect and allows all commercial, public and domestic premises to offer large openings, where light and openness can literally change everything

Sliding Doors:

The SC156 is a thermal break lift & slide door system designed to achieve wide panoramic views and large openings. Its slim central interlock and the absence of visible hardware maximize the natural daylight in the interior and provide greater comfort.

The SC140TT is a 140 mm thermally broken sliding system for windows and doors, also suitable for the realization of lift and slide solutions.The series is designed for the construction of high-quality frames.

The SC95TT is a 95 mm, thermally broken sliding system for windows and doors.

The SC140 is a 140 mm non-thermally broken sliding system for windows and doors, also suitable for the realization of lift and slide solutions.The series is designed for the construction of high-quality frames.The lift and slide mechanism, designed to facilitate the movement of heavy frames up to 400 kg, makes this system very practical and functional.

The SC95 is a 95 mm, non-thermally broken sliding system for windows and doors.

The SC45 is a non-insulated sliding system for large dimensions windows. It benefits from the most innovative aesthetics and technical concepts making it a unique solution in its segment: slim outside strong inside. It is high on aesthetics, smart in design and excellent on all performance parameters of a sliding window

The SC40 is a non-insulated sliding system for residential application with single glazing.The system is a slim, yet solid and durable high quality sliding window system, which guarantees strength and durability in use. Tested for 25000 cycles of operation (equivalent to more than 15 years of regular use), the SC40 provides an envying 80 to 120 Kg of sash weight with single glazed system choice of 4 – 8 mm for mass housing requirement.

The SC40 gives comprehensive performance along with reinforced security and wider vision with great overall aesthetics.

Shutters and Louvers:

The 45P aluminium shutter is designed to meet multiple aesthetic and functional requirements in compliance with local building traditions.

The 45P series is the ideal solution for reducing maintenance cost and providing additional benefits for refurbishment or new buildings. The range includes various versions of blinds in various designs to suit specific area.

Windows and doors


A complete and versatile 67mm, thermally broken series suitable for all construction and satisfying different styles of modern aesthetics.

This series is used for applications where high thermal and acoustic performances are required. It is also especially designed to ensure security against intrusion. This system is recommended for the restructuring and replacement of old wooden and pvc windows.


  • Available in dual color
  • All surface finishes available
  • Customized high resistant finishes for aggressive environments upon request.
  • Windows with 1, 2 or more inward opening sashes
  • Tilt & turn
  • Bottom hung
  • Fanlight
  • Pivot
  • Tilt & slide
  • Outward openings
  • Compatible with 67ID doors


The 56IW series, characterized by a section of 56mm, is used in applications where affordable thermal break solutions are required.

This versatile, good performing system allows for the realization of various construction types and design aesthetics that make this series suitable for a wide range of clientele.


The 45DS is a 45 mm, non-insulated door system that offers optimized design, yet affordable solution for all construction types requiring good weather performances.

Its simple appearance and clean lines suit the modern environment design requirements. Its wide choice of applications and technical solutions makes it ideal for all types of residential and commercial establishments. The 45 DS casement is the ideal system for exterior joinery in tropical and hot climates


  • All surface finishes available
  • casement, turn and tilt|
  • inward and outward opening


A casement window system of 40mm wide module with a range of economical and high performance products for glazing system choice of 4 - 26mm in order to give a combined optimum thermal, acoustic and security performance.

This system offers the right combination of safety and performance with innovative design and aesthetics appeal for modern construction.


  • Rectangular and round glazing bead choices
  • Single glazed solution with pocket sash
  • Single and double glazed solutions with glazing bead
  • 40N casement windows available in flush and double overlap option.
  • Single / double sash windows
  • Outward opening


This 50mm aluminium-wood window system combines the aesthetic design of wood with the high acoustic and thermal performances of the aluminium.

The aluminum is the core of the frame and, due to its resistance to atmospheric agents, it reduces maintenance costs while maintaining excellent performance over a long period of time

The wood placed inside harmonizes the window in both classic and modern environments.


  • All surface finishes available
  • customized finishes upon request for high resistant, aggressive environments.
  • Inside wood finishing available in a wide choice of woods in different colors.
  • Windows and doors with 1, 2 or more sashes
  • Tilt & turn
  • Fanlight
  • Inward opening


The uninsulated B70 series is designed for applications requiring armoured system with nice aesthetic.

This system is bullet proof certified and anti burglar to ensure high level of safety, thus suitable for all environment where passive safety is required such as courts and jewelers


The B60 is a non-insulated series suitable for the production of large windows and doors, with and without armor.

It provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance due to the coplanarity of the internal and external profiles.

The system includes special accessories for use in burglar-proof doors with external openings to ensure maximum safety and reinforced adjusting block for fixing the frame to the perimeter wall.

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